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during my teenage years, I enjoyed participating in my aunt's large multi-family garage sales where I sold my personal clothes, shoes, handbags

and jewelry. not only did I enjoy selling my pieces, but I also took interest in how I displayed items at a sale. I recall stuffing my handbags with newspaper to make them look full, using decorative cardstock to display jewelry and coordinating all of my clothes that hung on racks.

several years later, I began selling my clothes and accessories at a large flea market west of the twin cities. as shoppers visited my booth

and browsed through my pieces, many asked if I owned a shop or boutique. this question was asked by shoppers frequently and soon became

a topic of conversation about starting a business. In march of 2016, I purchased new apparel from a wholesale marketplace and rented a

commercial space where I held my first pop-up shopping event. this was the beginning of REV 320. 


in May 2023 I opened an [occasional shop] in olivia that's open 4-5 times/year with the first sales event held in the spring and

the last ending around the holidays. the shop is closed during the winter months. 

to see the dates/times of the next sales event, click on the pop-up events page or visit my

facebook page

each sales event at my [occasional shop] is as special for me as they are for my customers as shoppers

have fun browsing all of the new merchandise and I get to connect with customers that travel near and far to attend.

while these events can be congested and it's likely you may have to wait patiently for an open dressing room,

I strive to provide each customer with an enjoyable, memorable, and unique shopping experience. I'm truly grateful for each and

every person that walks through the door.


when my [occasional shop] is closed, I hit the road with my 30’ [mobile] shop traveling to markets, festivals, and other special events in west central MN. to see if the truck will be in your area, visit my fb page Rev 320 | Facebook where you'll find the latest info regarding locations, etc.



when I'm not busy working on my small business, you'll find me loving on my amazing hubby, spending time with family and going for walks

with our rescue dog, mona, a sweet and gentle australian cattle dog. I also enjoy theatre, browsing antique and flea markets, traveling,

and take special interest in event planning, interior design, and serving on the hospitality team at church.

If I had to describe myself in a few words, I would say that I'm conscientious, organized and a bit humorous (although some would say that

my jokes aren't that funny, like 'why did the cookie go to the doctor? because it was feeling crummy...!) pretty good, right?!

thanks for visiting my website and I look forward to seeing you at a future sales event!


                                                                                                                                                                                                                    REV 320

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